My name is Jon, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a higher functioning form of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Through many years of fighting for resources and support, I had defied the impossible odds stacked against me and made it into college in 2007.  Four years later, I had a Bachelor’s Degree. Heck, now, I even have a Master’s Degree! Try explaining that to the doctors who gave my parents their negative prognoses back in 1991… A lot has changed since then. Now, it’s not uncommon for someone along the Autism Spectrum to attend college and beyond. Let’s talk a little about what that means for us, as Spectrumites, to attend college…

College is a time of exploration and soul-searching, among other things (you know, like homework and what have you).  There are many ups, and many downs.  For some of my readers, graduating college means an ending to the book.  But I hope that through reading the posts on this blog, my readers will come to realize that the book never ends; the rest is just a lengthy epilogue called life.

My goal for this blog is to show others with ASD that life does go on after major life changes.  Transitioning into “the real world,” as scary as it seems, is an inevitable change we all must make at some point or another.  I will be walking beside my readers as I make this transition.  Through my posts, I will hold my readers’ hands through their life changes, and together, we can accomplish anything we set our sights on.  After all, there’s more to the story…

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